Bump Status

Bump Status

How many months? 8 months (last week) 35 weeks

Gained any weight? Yes, three pounds, not happy about it I’m trying not to gain more than two pounds a week, its hard.

New differences? Discoloration on my tummy (dark spots) no stretch marks, just old ones on my hips from long ago. 

How big is the baby? She is 4 1/2 pounds

Any new clothes? Yes a few tops from Liz maternity (XL) wearing one of the tops in photo.

Hows snoozing? Dread going to bed at night I purposely stay up pass 11pm, I take all the couch pillows which are sturdy, I realize I sleep better with harder surfaces around my belly and behind my back. I plop them on the bed and  go to sleep sitting up. Its getting uncomfortable to sleep each day.

Happy moment?  Working on blogs! I really want to be involved and see how it turns out.


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