Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day?

If you are expecting like Josh and I or if you have your hands full with your little ones, Valentine’s day isn’t something your quite excited for. Staying home and sleeping is my agenda for the that night,

but if you really are into the holiday and don’t want to leave the house, or should I say can’t 

because your newborn wont leave your boobs alone and your toddler keeps chasing the family pet with a water gun, or maybe you physically can’t move because there’s a person inside of you kicking your ribs.

I recommend doing cutesy valentines day shenanigans in the house, and if you’re single grab some friends!

Make cookies, cook a fun meal together ( heart pizzas are my fav!) Watch a silly movie with a huge bowl of popcorn, pop a bottle of wine, sparkling cider or Pellegrino.

I’m not a fan of chocolate but Josh certainly is so I’ll probably have a box for him waiting on the table and I hope he has his foot rub techniques ready for me!

– Christy


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