Skincare on Strechmarks!

Stretch marks are on every women’s hate list. They’re itchy, oh, and they’re visible! Whether they are red raised or dark, when they arrive they land with a vengeance. When I found out I was pregnant most women worry about what shade of yellow for the nursery while I was nervous and still am, about those evil marks. I had stretch marks in high school but only on my thighs and butt and I know it’s because I have a lot of cushion back there to sit on.

I went to every drugstore to find the perfect solution to prevent them from sneaking up on me. After trying many different lotions even the ones that have labels advertising for stretch marks I decided to go with oils, natural oils.

COCONUT OIL!! It’s natural it smells heavenly and the antioxidant properties are great for your skin. I take a generous amount (very generous) and rub it on my belly my hips thighs and my booty, I apply it in circular motions especially under my belly where I think stretch marks may want to land a bomb. I even put this stuff in my hair it makes it feel so smooth and it looks shiny!




There is one more secret weapon that’s been around for years and is pretty inexpensive, water! Drink lots of water to prevent stretch marks, water helps detoxify your body. Drinking water will help keep your skin soft and form elasticity which is very important especially if you’re expecting.


I buy my coconut oil from Trader Joes. If you have any tips on skincare for stretch marks let me know I’d love to read some!



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