Baby Shower Madness

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If you are close to the end of your pregnancy there is something big all of us soon to be moms have to plan or at least attend, our baby shower! Honestly every time I hear the word shower I cringe, the madness leading up to that day is stressful and I never thought it would be. I planned a coed baby shower which is becoming more and more popular everywhere, but if you want less stress and, mess I suggest keep it all female only. My Fiance Josh and I invited our close family and friends, his invite list totally out numbered mine. We ended up with an outstanding total of 60 invitations to mail out.

Wondering what our baby invitations looked like? Here is the link.

I started to feel anxious as we got closer to the date of our baby shower I wanted a picture perfect sugar and spice theme and realized this would be costly. But with me being pregnant for the first time and having a girl on top of it, it had to be perfect, lets just say the money we spent on the shower, our little girl wont be having an extravagant birthday party for the next few years. (psh who am I kidding?) We got a lot of yes’ than no’s for the attendance of the shower. My friend who was also my host, helped tremendously we basically did everything ourselves DIY like you never seen it before, the center pieces and the decorations. I went to bed very late the night before the shower, anxious and preparing for the next day.

There was tears and screaming at Josh who had nothing but sweet responses to my stressful behavior ” babe is there anything else that you need me to do?” as his eyes were blood shot red from doing so many errands that day. Sunday came and I was miserable and feeling very large, oh and not, impressed with my outfit. I walked into where we were having out shower a few minutes before the scheduled beginning time and I felt at ease just to know that everything was put in its proper place.

People started flowing in, gifts were being placed on the table, food started to line up steaming and ready to be served, it became one of the most magical times of my life.

Baby showers are in no doubt stressful and tiring, and can put just a load of weight on your body ( like any pregnant women needs more of that) you definitely need support when planning one. If you haven’t done so yet, call as many girlfriends and family to help you out with any of the planning.

You should probably have your baby shower either a month before your due date or 7 weeks before, and dress as comfortable as you possibly can you wont be sitting and lounging you’ll be greeting and making sure every one is enjoying themselves. And remember don’t let anyone force you to have a shower if you would rather make a registry and have people send you gifts or just buy all the essentials for your baby with your partner  by yourselves that’s an amazing bonding experience.  I’m glad I had a baby shower but also glad it is, over!babyshower2



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