Oh No Chapped Lips!!

I keep digging in my purse every 20 minutes for something to keep my lips moisturized and winter in New York has not been helping my peckers look glamorous. Since I’m pregnant my lips get more dry than ever, main reason being I’m probably dehydrated and in desperate need to drink water for me and my growing baby.

Licking your lips does not moisturize them it just makes them more dry, to where they start to peel. Yuck! The peeling turns into you biting the skin off and it doesnt look pretty at all.

I’ve learned not to use cheap products on your lips especially in the winter some products dont have the specific ingridents to mositure them. Currently I am using EOS evolution of smooth; lip balm strawberry sorbet, it smells amazing and leaves my lips very soft and has a hydrated feel. I may change the flavor and try sweet mint, while I do like strawberry sorbet I think the mint might be more effective in the winter.


Other ways to take care of your chapped lips is using beeswax it gets pricey but does wonders.

If you are pregnant make sure you are drinking plenty of water for your bundle of joy the baby is taking the moisture from your body and that’s causing cracked and dry lips.

Dont deprive your lips, you need them for kissing!



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