The nursery: Mom’s new cave


I’ve begun to prepare the nursery. I’m 38 weeks and feeling all sorts of physical pain, and on going mommy emotions. Every second I think my water is breaking especially when I’m laughing so hard and I feel a trickle coming down.

Over the weekend Josh set up the dresser/changing table with ease, I forced him to go as quickly as possible because I was so excited to put her freshly washed baby clothes in the dresser draws. I organized it like a neat freak, when I know for a fact after the first week our baby is home her clothes will end up on the living room floor and hanging on the drapes.

I cry while getting everything put in its proper place for the nursery. I’m crying because I’m excited, I’m crying because I know this is going to be somewhere I will spend a lot of time with my daughter. Daughter!! I can’t believe I’m having one of those.

I keep looking in her crib as If she’s already In there, but I’m actually making sure there aren’t any wrinkles in the crib sheets. Well that’s what I tell Josh anyway.

Let’s admit it I’m going crazy, I’m on maternity leave and getting everything prepared and spotless. Sometimes I sit down and realize that she’s not going to know If the house is clean or not, and she’s definitely not going to care what color her changing pad is. As long as she feels safe in our arms and I take my boobs out of my shirt she’ll be happy.

I think setting up the perfect nursery is for me, for my comfort, for my sanity. This is going to be my new chill spot. And I want to put all my love in it!






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