My Child is both: Dual identity

20140226-164153.jpgPeople constantly ask me what religion I will raise my child in, and I think its absolutely rude. I’m almost certain the next question they’ll ask but are too afraid to, is what race are you going to let your child say she is?

I am Christian and Josh is Jewish and we have never sat down and discussed what religion is right or which one will play a bigger role in our child’s life, because there is no need to. I think my child is going to have the best of both worlds practicing two religions and being bi-racial. I think she’ll have an advantage over others when she is older,  and her mind will be opened and flourished with  a different out look on life.

We will tell her that she is both.  We will  teach her about her respective cultures and who she is through reading. What I really desire for my children  is to love everyone and accept everyone for who they are and where they come from, and I know that sounds so cliche but honestly it means everything to me.

I don’t know how  society will be when she is older especially when race or religion come into a discussion, with her friend or in her classroom, but I hope it wont be as rough on her as it was for me. Before I was pregnant  I never was so passionate about race and religion, but knowing that any day now I will give birth to a person that will be two different races it means the world to me. I hope that because she is a bi racial Juedo/Christian that it wont be a big “deal”. I don’t want anyone to deal with it, because you deal with issues, this isn’t an issue this is something to embrace! For anyone to ask me what I want her to be or what religion I will let her practice is outrageous, that would be denying her dual identity. She is both, and I would never destroy who she really is..Perfect.



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