Jelly kitty


My cat Zillow didn’t know me before I was pregnant. Josh and I adopted him in early November. We thought it was a good idea, and that a pet would add a sense of calmness, which he certainly did within hours of when we brought him home. He was intrigued by Josh, and followed him around for days. They had a bond I could not come between, maybe it was that Josh changes his liter box. Let’s face it, if someone cleans up your poop they should get loads of respect.

My bump wasn’t showing much until December when I was about 6 -7 months pregnant. And I remember Zillow climbing on top of my lap and rubbing his head on my belly as if he was saying hello to the baby. He started following me around, sleeping on me and even get a little feisty when Josh would snuggle next to me on the couch, or even give me a kiss. I couldn’t believe it!

As soon as we started getting gifts for the baby and all of these boxes started piling up in our living room, he was very curious and had to scope out every onesie and storybook. While setting up the crib he gave us a difficult time running under it or even tossing a screw around with his paw and sitting on the tools we needed.

I’ve noticed that he’s been very timid lately and constantly sleeping in Josh’s closet which he never does. Since Josh and I wont be able to give him those neck rubs he adores on a regular basis, we bought him new toys so that he wont feel down when the baby arrives . We’re absolutely amazed by his behavior and that he comprehends maybe not that I’m pregnant, but that there is some change going on in our household. It might be silly to care about a animal’s feelings but we love our kitty and he’s a part of our growing family.

If you have any pets that have showed some jealousy during you’re pregnancy I’d love to hear your experience and what you did to help your furry friend.



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