I’m writing this post as a Mom! Yes I made it. March 9th 2014 12:41 pm. My baby is now a month old and I’m absolutely in love. Following up to my delivery was not enjoyable I was feeling contractions for a whole week before pushing my little one out. I went to Labor and delivery everyday and got sent home every visit. 1to 2cm was ringing in my ears. I started getting discouraged and asking Was she ever going to come? March 8th her actual due date I told my midwife ” if you don’t get her out I will my self” and the words I’ve been waiting for, drumroll please!! “You’re in in active labor! I’m not sending you back home!” By this time it’s 8 pm I couldn’t even recongnize Josh he wasn’t getting sleep either, but I think he was very happy to see a pull out couch in our delivery room. I decided to go with an epidural I didn’t think I deserved any more torture. Finally we were at peace, I went to sleep with the sound of my daughters heart beat playing a beautiful tune on the monitor. I wake up its 7 am March 9th and I’m in pain I start feeling my contractions 2 minutes apart, while I’m crying I’m also wondering how this is happening. I took a huge needle in my back to numb this pain. The anisteliogist tells me my body must have rejected it. At this point I’m hoping I’m fully dialated my midwife tells me I’m only 6cm. I couldn’t believe it. Hours go by I’m throwing up non stop and having this dying urge to poop! I told my midwife my urge to use the bathroom.

Showtime! It’s noon im fully dialated and to hear I was 10 cm I cry with excitement. I didn’t care about the pain and that my epidural left me high and dry. I was determined to see this baby, the one who always kicks me when I drink seltzer.

Thirty minutes later of tough pushing yes it took thirty minutes to see our angel, was the best feeling ever, I was proud of myself. All I could do was cry, but the best moment was when Josh looked at her, cried with joy, and and told me I did it.

This human that I carried for 9 months is here, in this world, and she’s mine to keep! Nothing will ever be better than that moment. My daughter Ava Elizabeth gave me life.

– Christy


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