Yay boobs!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I told myself I would breastfeed. It’s simple, you don’t spend a dime, and it’s always food on the go for your little one.

The first two weeks of nursing was very difficult my nipples were sore, I was miserable and Ava had trouble latching on. I started to get really anxious which was upsetting her. Around her three a.m. feeding time, I pulled myself together, and I realized that it was imperative to be relaxed, so I took a deep breath, grabbed some pillows and sat up straight.

Ava is two months old. She sleeps through the night, And she’s a pro at the breast. (That line makes me laugh)

I love breastfeeding its great for her health, and its a joyful bond that her and I share. Plus I’m losing weight like crazy.

Breastfeeding is so important and I won’t hide when I feed my child. Restaurants, parks, it doesn’t matter I’m a mother and my child must eat, so my breast will be out when necessary.

Yay boobs!



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