Sleeping beauty: Baby bedtime routine

The first two weeks with your newborn is tough. I felt like a zombie when Ava arrived, every 2-3 hours I was crawling to her bassinet crying along with her.

Ava is a week away from turning 3 months old. And I’m glad to say she sleeps through the night!

I don’t have any magical tricks or tips to share.

When she turned a month old I made it a mission to get her in some sort of a sleeping routine, even if it gave Josh and I at least four hours of sleep without her waking up.

Before I started the routine, I would put her in the crib and bassinet during the day to play, roll around and observe.

I nurse Ava to sleep around eight-thirty which is one of her biggest feeding times, I keep her cuddled with me for a bit, then swaddle her tightly, then at nine-o-clock I put her down at that time with no exceptions.

Now this doesn’t perfectly happen all the time. The nights when she’s fussy or having a craze growth spurt I rock her and put her down awake. I do this so she learns how to sleep without being so dependent on me. And it took many tries to get her settled in her royal chambers.

Bedtime is working out pretty well. Ava doesn’t awake from the casted routine spell till 6:am, 7:am if we’re super lucky.



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