DIY Knotted Headbands

Knotted turban headbands, this was a must share!20140624-134531-49531517.jpg

Things you”ll need:
Fabric ( jersey knit is best, it stretches and is very soft, or a shirt that you no longer use)
Glue gun
Measuring tape




First you will need to measure the circumference of your baby’s head.

You will need to add a 3-4 inches to your measurement.


My measurements were 17 x 32Fold your fabric in two-thirds.






Tie a knot.



Then tie another knot, there’s going to be extra fabric sticking out that’s ok for now.



Pull the knot tightly by carefully stretching both sides of the headband.


Tuck the remaining ends underneath the knot.


Now time to pull out the hot glue gun and glue down the tucked in fabric.


Press down firmly so it doesn’t come undone.




Viola! Put on your little girl!


Enjoy, Tell me how your turban headband came out!




4 thoughts on “DIY Knotted Headbands

  1. Your little one is such a cute little model. I will make one soon for my 18 month old (who is still trying to grow in all of her hair!).

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