My breastfeeding story: The Truth

First let me start by stating I’m a woman which means I have breast. People can’t handle an inch of my boob showing when I feed my child in public.

I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable I refuse to remove myself from a table and feed my child in a public bathroom, would you eat in a bathroom? Didn’t think so America. I think this is the only country that doesn’t embrace breastfeeding, I’m sorry if a little side boob offends you, just kidding no I’m not.

Breastfeeding my five month old daughter Ava, has been overwhelming, tiring , but a blessing. I can’t walk around saying that this is the easiest thing to do. It took a while to recover after giving birth, longer than the natural six weeks. I was in and out of the hospital from having a piece of placenta that wasn’t completely out of my uterus.

That didn’t stop me from nursing her, and also working during those unfortunate moments.

Now Ava is growing so quickly and she’s more in-tune with nursing. I just want a second where my breast aren’t locked in my bra, maybe where her dad can comfort her with his body at bed time instead of mine.

I made a choice to breastfeed, I wanted to experience this connection that I’ve always heard about, the superpower that us women have. When I met Ava it was my heartbeat that kept her calm and my milk that kept her full.

When I nurse my daughter while her eyes locking with mine, keeping each other warm with every feeding I begin to feel proud, overjoyed that I have this magic, and happy that I chose this way to nourish my child, like it or not, power to the boob!



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