Starting solids: Yum or Yuck?

I knew Ava was ready for solids when she started to grab pasta off my plate and spreading it all of her face.

I’m no doctor but from what I have learned is that 4-6 months is when your baby should start trying out some foods.

If you try solids on your little one before six months, and they aren’t swallowing or accepting the food in their mouths, and hasn’t lost the “extrusion reflex”, then, they aren’t quite ready for this yummy stage yet. Don’t give up.

I started Ava on the Gerber oatmeal cereal instead of the rice ( rice= constipation) for her first meal, the instructions are on the package and it is very easy to follow. I mixed it with breast milk and some apple sauce, that I pureed my self.

It’s very important to stick with one fruit or vegetable at a time for a week or two, instead of several varieties of solids through out the week. Just in case there is an allergy, you want to be able to detect it quickly.

Make sure your babe is a supported sitter and can sit upright while eating.
Remember, you will know when your baby is ready for food, and your baby will  tell you  too.  Most importantly let them get messy and have fun with their food, I gave up trying to keep Ava  squeaky clean during dinner time, its impossible.

This is by far on the top of my list of fun first experiences with Ava.

Ava’s food status: Yum for apples and Yuck for peas!

Let me know what your baby’s Yums and Yucks are!






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