Ava’s closet : Mini fall/winter wardrobe

I constantly get asked where I purchase Ava’s clothes so I want to share!

Ava is crawling and will be eight months very shortly and she can still fit in 3 -6 month onesies and bottoms, but that doesn’t mean that’s the size I’ll buy.

Kids grow!!! It’s quite important that when you are buying mini clothing for your little one that they will still be able to rock them in 6 months to a year. It’s ok for your babe’s clothes to be a tad big, loose, and baggy, better for them to roam around in right?

I like to dress Ava in comfortable clothing where she looks like a person, and not a doll.

Zara has amazing threads for infants and toddlers if you are into unisex wear, this is the brand you want your ‘mini me’ in. Great quality well worth items, Their line runs small, sizing up is a must. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces we got for Ava





Old Navy and Gap! We usually rummage through the boy section with this duo brand, certain greys. knits, flannels and denim shirts you just simply cannot find better than here.





Some of the best clothes I purchase for Ava are items online that don’t have in-person stores. Below are sites to definitely check out!






Go start on your bay bays fall or winter wardrobe soon if you haven’t already and switch it up don’t be afraid to be bold with your kids style and pick out some rad clothes!

Stay tuned, Ava’s shoe collection, will be appearing on the blog soon!







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