A boost of ‘Organic Mother’s Milk’

Eight months and still breastfeeding my babe. It’s tough I have to admit, but the benefits of breastmilk are amazing.

Ava hasn’t even gotten sick yet *knocking on wood* call me gullible but I think “super” milk has something to do with it.

One thing I worry about is not having enough milk to fulfill her thirst. Since eating solids and being a busy bee in the house she gets uninterested in nursing so I pump and store when she’s not into the boob.

Here is an amazing tea that promotes healthy lactation ‘Organic Mother’s Milk’ every tea packet you open has a positive word printed on the tag of the tea bag.

You can have it hot which I do, or make it into an iced tea. I have two cups a day, this brand suggests 3-5 cups daily, it truly seems to do the trick.

My milk comes in stronger than ever. You taste each ingredient in every sip. Be aware, licorice is quite high in flavor and smell, I’m not a fan of licorice but with this tea it doesn’t bother me, especially with a drop of honey, Yum. Give it a try its natural, and a great way to keep that boob milk flowing!





6 thoughts on “A boost of ‘Organic Mother’s Milk’

  1. That’s great that you’ve stuck with breastfeeding. I nursed both of mine as long as I could, 1 for one year and the other for 16 months. It was hard, I was also a full time student and employee, but absolutely worth it! I’ve never regretted the lost sleep or resented the chance to hold my baby and read. I think the most critical part to having enough milk was getting enough fluids myself and eating well. And hot tea is a great way to keep hydrated and comfortable!

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