Mom got the flu!

I forget at times that I am absolutely, one hundred percent human, and humans get the flu.

I’m so use to my family relying on me for everything, being this high source of energy for them, like a shot of espresso.

Josh started coughing and I knew that it would pass over to me, but I didn’t expect it so harsh and sudden.

We were prisoners in our own home last week, with temperatures in single digits and snow on the ground, our hyper ten month old who luckily expressed only a few sneezes through out the week.

Today I have been disinfecting the apartment and getting everything straightened out. Being a mother your children and partners think you are invincible, you start to believe you are as well.

I realized I  have to take the time to rest to make sure I’m  physically and mentally together to take care of my baby. I pushed aside trying to get well and kept doing my motherly duties. If I rested properly last week, I would most likely be ” A O-K ” on this gloomy Monday.

I have my little helper who has been mellow and calm. Any sick mamas out there, take your rest, drink lots of fluids. I know it’s hard but you deserve it, so does your little one.IMG_4854

IMG_4836 IMG_5871.JPG






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