Productive Baby Wearing | Five Things to Do While Wearing your Baby

You became a parent, and now it takes you three days to finish one load of laundry. Baby carriers and ring slings gave me a bit of my sanity back. There are many things that can get accomplished during the day while wearing your baby.

1. I know cleaning the house can be challenging, because, your kid thinks the vacuum is an evil villain, and won’t stop chasing it. Wearing your baby prevents attacks on cleaning tools and gets the job done quickly.



2. Working out. Yes, I’m serious, don’t throw out your yoga DVDs yet, not only is this perfect for postpartum health, but your baby is enjoying the movement also. Social media has even created a hashtag #babywearingyoga, so pull out your mat, breathe, and say namaste!

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3. My working mamas, those emails can still be sent out on time.  Place your baby in front of you so they can see what your doing on the web, or allow them to fall into a peaceful snooze, chest to chest.

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4. Dinner time is a struggle,  you put up the baby gate and now your kid is protesting, loudly, behind bars. I wear Ava on my back when I’m preparing dinner. Safety first!

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5. Get outside, lets admit the stroller can sometimes be a pain. Walking down the block, wearing your baby, puts them in instant sleep mode. It is also fun for them to explore the neighborhood in a different view.

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There are great benefits to baby wearing less crying from your baby, bonding, and the obvious, free hands.

The carrier I’m wearing Ava in is called The Ergo Baby, its comfortable and easy to use, there are also how-to videos online.

Join the fun and start wearing your little one!

Peace and love – Christy


2 thoughts on “Productive Baby Wearing | Five Things to Do While Wearing your Baby

  1. Hi Christy,
    Thanks for the wonderful read. I am also a mother of a 2 year old and a 10 weeks infant. I am using ring sling and stretchy wrap at the moment.. I am carrying my baby in front and I find it difficult to multi task, especially with the house cores.. For example, when i want to wash the dishes, I am worried that the water will splash onto her.. and when vacuuming, I still need to hold the baby’s head when i need to lower myself. is it just me or do you experience the same?

    • Hi Sarah,
      with the ring sling I only experience a tilting head from the baby when the fabric isn’t pulled up against the neck and the fabric isn’t tightened through the rings. Its hard at first but try back carrying Or in chest to chest position you can use the excess fabric from the rings roll it, pull it and tuck it behind babes head, sort of like a pillow. The ring slings I have are, Sakura bloom. I never used a wrap, but with the carrier the neck support is better when pulled up properly. Washing dishes I put my daughter facing me, try other positions like a back carrying while vacuuming if you are nervous about head control, There are videos on proper neck support and how to back carry with a ring sling and a carrier on youtube!I hoped this helped xo

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