The Sling Diaries Vol. VI Better Together: Theme: Laughter

I am so honored and excited to announce that I have been selected as one of the fifteen women to be apart of The Sling Diaries Vol. VI for Sakura Bloom. I will be pouring my love, about parenting, baby wearing, and motherhood through writing. I hope you all will follow along during this journey with me. Here is my first entry on laughter.

SAM_0518I’ve always had the pleasure of making others laugh, from friends, to class mates even strangers. Being told to “grow up” was said to me by many adults in my childhood. My laughter would sprout at unusual moments. I was able to turn something that was worth a giggle and make it a comedic stand up scene. With the growth of age we at times lose our sense of humor.


I stopped enjoying life when I started to take on responsibilities, you know living the life as an adult. I failed to take notice, in everything that surrounded my presence, the blessings that rained down on little ol’ me I simply ignored.

While carrying Ava, there was not a person who could make me laugh as much as Josh did. After bringing her into the world, unfortunately along with many other mothers,  Postpartum depression crept on me. Laughter started to diminish, this was supposed to be the happiest moment in my life. Right? I became a perfectionist, a control freak, and constantly sobbing every night. I lost that silly persona that shadowed me for years.



As parents we are always in a hurry or constantly scurrying up some activity to entertain our child with, preparing a meal,  cleaning,  caring for every need possible. A mom focused while wearing a stoned face, doing all that you can for your little one, but its that moment you hear your child’s first explosive laugh. The silence in the room gets so loud from the shocking excitement painted on your face, you can’t help but tilt your head back, and release all the laughs that have been imprisoned for way too long.


laugh7When Josh and I are in our typical quarrels that couples tend to have, or getting on each other’s nerves and can’t agree on anything. Its a swirl in the universe that switches, and our daughter launches a giggle, as if God used her  to make us stop bickering, we forever will join in on her laughing rant.

Oh my sweet Ava, darling, it always works.

The power of laughter can bring a whole village together, one that hasn’t seen eye to eye for years. It’s a universal expression, a glorious way to communicate. Whether a laugh is deep, soft or high pitched, its ageless wine to the soul, that extra dose of medicine that soothes and heals the mind. Our children have a way of bringing us back to life, peeling off our dead skin and refilling the true color back on us. When I hear my child’s powerful laughter escape her mouth, an over joyed heart and chills start to assemble with in me. Laughter is my reminder that life is worth living.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


My daughter gave me my silly bone back, I will try to instill in her to forever  laugh out loud, to declare it, not hide, laugh until you are grey, and do not fear if you are the only one, laughter has a way of spreading from one person to the other.


Peace and Love,



I’m wearing Ava in a Sakura Bloom Sling : Classic Linen : Maple

Kimono- Forever 21

Dress & sandals- Thrifted

Photos taken by my amazing and oh so patient husband Joshua Jacobs

Check out beautiful slings here

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