The Sling Diaries Vol VI Better Together : Transformation

I’m not the person I used to be before I had Ava, yes, my body has changed my hips have widened, and my breast now filled with milk.

Mentally I have changed.

Before I took the title of ‘mama’ the only thing I was responsible for, was my tab at the bar, and a few bills. I was in dark place that was taking over my spirit. Holding grudges towards others, being absent minded in my daily life, not fully evolving into the person I knew I was, deep inside.

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I think every mother has sort of felt this heavy burden, lifted off their souls after giving birth. I’ll try to explain transformation the best I can.

The rush of a cleanse that washes away every tough stain, which then illuminates your interior, your inner self. You start to notice the unplanned compassion you have for people, letting past and current negativity collapse in your life, projecting kindness to everyone, even those who don’t return the exact warm vibes back, is a sign of transforming.

Transformation is deeper than change, change is an event, its something that occurs at certain times in your life. You change your hair, your diet even your friends. With transformation, becoming a better person, spreading goodness around others, and fully transforming into a different being, is irreversible.

We as women, mothers and sisters, we are constantly moving ahead, our bodies sweat when its cold, we bleed and don’t die. With the growth of our babies nesting in our womb, our skin stretches and never breaks, we transform into solid recovering people. We transform our mind, spirit and body to bring forth life. Motherhood is like transforming into a butterfly, you finally know the path of your life. Simply living free in the tribe that you’ve created from your body alone. Going through those hardships, to form your cocoon, was all worth the final stage. The best part about transforming into a butterfly is, they can never turn back into a caterpillar.

Discovering the new person you become after giving birth is incredible. Motherhood is courage, and a life long commitment. In order for my child to be a great person in this world, I knew that transforming was my only option. I am now a teacher, and a role model, my actions, my words and my persona are important. Its definitely a struggle, there are many tears and times when hiding out in the bathroom is your only safe place, but without achieving transformation through this journey, none of the goals and dreams for my family would come to life.

It is such a blessing that I became a mother, it was a probably the only way God knew how to transform me into a becoming a better human being.

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Peace and Love,


Im wearing Ava in a Sakura Bloom sling in Simple Silk: Deep Sea

Headwrap- Urban outfitters

Jeans- Gap

Shoes- Saltwater Sandals

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