Sling Diaries Vol. VI Better Together : Celebration

Lately there hasn’t been much to celebrate, people in my country are throwing bullets at one another and spitting out hateful words back and forth. When Ava has a family of her own, I don’t want her to harbor the same feelings, that drown me, today.  My child’s culture should be appreciated and celebrated from the highest mountain for the world to see.

Celebrating, is much more than blowing out candles on a birthday cake, once a year. We shouldn’t be bitter, or jealous, of another persons success, but uplift them, and celebrate their accomplishments. I want Ava to celebrate the heroism in her teachers, doctors, the friends that we have stationed overseas, and her dad and I, for living outside the box that society has put us in.


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The interracial relationship and bicultural family, that Josh and I have created, became fully legal in all U.S. states in 1967, only 48 years ago. I should be celebrating the simple fact, that we’re apart of the growth, this world, desperately needs. I get distracted by the news, and social media, that I forget what I should be festive about, the true celebration in front of me, right in my home. Before Ava, it was Josh and I, a Jewish guy holding a black girls hand, taking early morning walks, catching some approving smiles from strangers. Remembering our first kiss, our first I love you’s, being silly in public, and not having a care in the world. No fear was in our hearts at that time.

Fast forward to now  and all of those cherished moments we use to celebrate, somehow, somewhere, got swept away, between all the diaper changes, and sleepless nights. Becoming a mom has me being more cautious, I carry around band- aids, I totally over do it with the sunscreen, and I’m the woman in the grocery store reading the ingredients on all the food. We all get nervous and jittery while raising our children, we ponder on how their future will turn out, what clubs they’ll join, the type of friends they will have. Well, sometimes I think a little deeper than that, and I can’t help the mama bear in me clawing at different scenarios that may hurt my little cub in her life, just because of who she is.

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I am trying to celebrate more often, counting my blessings one by one. I may be sadden by the horrifying events happening around the world, but I’m also celebrating that I’m apart of the mission to change it. Whatever I don’t finish in my life, my child will complete, she’ll let people hear her cry, the same one that touched my heart the day she was born. She’ll spread love, join the march to end racism , homophobia, and inequality, she’ll celebrate her history and the people before her, that shed blood, for freedom and equality.

When I’m feeling down and icky and in no mood to smile, for some reason my mind always resorts to the day my child was born,  its hearing that cry, you know, the cry from your baby, the first of many, its wished by all parents. The cry that says, I’m here, I have life, and I’m ready, to do a kick ass job living it! I don’t want that celebratory moment, to ever escape my mind.celeb7Ive forgotten to give thanks, to live in the present, and in spite of any difficult situation, I’m thankful, I can’t thank God enough that I can celebrate life and everyone’s differences. I will teach Ava to do the same, and while she’s  accepting others around her, she to, will  celebrate who she is, from the skin she’s in to the texture of her hair. I’ll do better at being joyous and celebrate the world my child lives in, even when it disappoints me. I have faith in humanity, and I know we’re getting further to the peace that we hunger for, everyday.

Peace & Love,



These photos were taken by my father- in- law  Stephen Jacobs

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