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Mental Health:

It’s pretty easy to breathe in negativity or toxic words that can end up hurting your spirit. In order to be healthy you have to live in a healthy environment. It took me a very long time to understand that, and I’m still learning. It can take awhile to release those unwanted words from your system, For me there is nothing more powerful than to feel renewed, Im always releasing any negative words that live inside of me and allowing God to fill up new and powerful ones that I can start to live by.

What I’ve noticed is, the more negativity you speak about your self it latches onto your soul, you start to believe every awful word that you mention about yourself. Saying you’re ugly, fat, too skinny, not creative enough. When you speak these things into existence, you begin to believe them and  give yourself a whole new definition, of the wrong YOU.



Physical health:

I grew up in a home with my mom being a vegetarian, we had a strict diet, no pork, no shellfish and my parents didn’t drink alcohol. I was taught at a young age that certain things you put into your body changed the outside appearance and your energy level as well. My traditions have changed, now that I have my own family, sometimes we eat sushi at the table sometimes we eat pizza on the floor.  I’m not the healthiest person, but I do know what foods are right for our family, the foods that keeps us up and going, or the foods that makes us feel sluggish. 

I messed up after giving birth I was so focused on losing weight that I ignored my inner self and walked away from the voice that was  telling me to slow down.

How Physical and Mental Health Connect:

Being healthy is much more than what foods you consume or being the “proper weight.”

I believe your mind must be fit before your body is fit. You shouldn’t work out for others, work out for yourself. Embrace your body after you give birth, regardless of how fast society is telling you to get fit, its not a race. If you aren’t ready to workout yet, thats fine. Every woman’s body is different, and that took me a long time to fully grasp. I felt like every mother I knew got their pre baby body back before I did.

I didn’t  have a healthy state of mind. When I find the peace with the body I am now living in, only then, is when I can completely be ready to make the change to my outside appearance, because I’M ready, and I’m doing it for me and no one else. When I finally accepted my body after Ava, my mind was at ease, I felt peaceful, I connected with nature, realizing the body God gave me, was made for creation and my wide hips and stretch marks, comes along with brining forth life.


Its hard to take care of your physical health as much as your mental health when being a mom, but I think its very important. Trying to be healthy is maybe you just doing a few sets of crunches, while listening to your favorite playlist before the baby awakes in the morning. Giving your favorite book you’ve been trying to finish for months a slight read. Putting on makeup, or allowing your cluttered mind to take a break by sitting in silence, and releasing any bad thoughts that can cripple your mind.

Setting yourself up at a positive state is a healthy way to live, reminding yourself you’re worthy and beautiful no matter your size. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, in my opinion is a step to a healthier lifestyle.

When you unleash incredible power from within and speak positive words about yourself those same uplifting words come to life, and  that is where you’ll find how to live healthy, and enjoy freedom.

Being healthy starts with taking care of yourself and letting go of any company of friends or even a relationship that is damaging your spirit or mind. Releasing that negativity in your life is a major duty as a parent, because when you finally release that bad energy that has been drowning you and keeping you from a healthy space, your family can truly get the best you there is!


Peace & Love





Im wearing Ava in a Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Sling : Pink Sand

Ava is wearing her baby in a Mini Doll Sling  Simple Silk : Pink Sand

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4 thoughts on “Sakura Bloom The Sling Diaries Better Together : Health

  1. Hello, Christy. I met your mother at the Mulberry Street Library. Your daughter and my daughter share the same birth month and year separated by a day. Look forward to reading more of your reflections.

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