Mrs. Patel’s (Review)

I teamed up with Mrs. Patel’s to try out their amazing products made just for nursing mamas, new and seasoned!   
The items I received:

Milk water tea: Chai spice

Fenugreek bars

Munch crunch

Milk water tea flavor is so yummy, It’s caffeine free and it’s a long 10 day supply! Must have for new mamas and it helps with detoxifying postpartum after labor! 
The Fenugreek bars that come in 



and peanut butter 

I think this is everyone’s favorite! 

12 tasty bars that come in a box and is also available in gluten free! Fenugreek is a popular property that helps enhance milk supply, and also helps you with healing after birth. 

Just a teaspoon of munch crunch…

Sprinkle some munch crunch on your yogurt salads smoothies and more! 

This is a must have for expecting mamas who decide they want to nurse, and mamas who are nursing now! I love what Mrs. Patel’s stands for, there’s nothing better then receiving healthy ways to boost milk supply. 

I love them so much that I am giving one of my favorite out of the three delicious products, to one lucky follower! Check out my Instagram for more deets!
Special thanks to Mrs. Patel’s for sending me these yummy goods! Interested in learning more and trying out Mrs. Patel’s yourself? Direct link to their site here!
Peace & Love 



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