How to cook: Jamaican Chicken Soup

This is a traditional dish in Jamaica. Now you’re probably wondering what is the difference between this chicken soup and regular chicken soup? It’s all about the seasoning and the ingredients! This isn’t your typical chicken soup we like to turn it up a knotch adding potatoes corn ( on the cob!)

Cook time: 1 hour 30 min

What you’ll need:
A whole small chicken

1 scallion
Half of a garlic clove
Butternut squash or pumpkin
( I purchased the squash from Trader Joe’s that were all ready chopped up!)
3-4 Corn on the cob
5-6 Golden small potatoes,
1 pkt. Of Lipton chicken noodle soup


Directions, How to:

Clean and wash your chicken with lemon or with vinegar

I like to use organic free ranged chicken and before I clean I strip of the skin. Cut chicken into pieces, and use the parts I like thighs and the legs! It’s all up to the cook! Season with salt pepper or seasoning salt add thyme and crushed garlic.
In a stock pot, add 3 quarts of water and then add salt to taste. Bring water to a boil then add seasoned chicken, along with your squash or pumpkin and thyme, Boil for 40 minutes.
Peel the skins off the small golden potatoes and cut in half and add to pot. If using medium sized potatoes cut into four.

The fire should be turned to high at this point. Boil for 15 minutes.

Now you can add 1 pouch of your Lipton chicken noodle soup from the box.

I use this package because it’s the only one that doesn’t have MSG!

So now throw the rest of the ingredients to the pot, turn the fire down to medium, and cook for another 15 minutes. Then simmer for another 5 minutes.

Check to see the softness of the squash/pumpkin and the potatoes we don’t want them to be mushy.

That’s it guys I hope I made it simple enough for you all! My mom and I have been contemplating on filming this recipe before the spring! We’ll see! This meal serves for 5 members of your tribe! Enjoy!

Peace and love,



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