Together We Mother Series: The Moment I Realized it Really does Take a Village




There’s some sort of pride we carry as mothers, and rightfully so. We held this alien inside our bodies for almost a year. That’s hard stuff. When our babes arrived we were surrounded by warm hands that offered to help but our response kind of went like this “hands off I don’t need help, I got this on my own!” *brushes shoulders off*
Jeez what a lie you’ve been telling yourself since you entered motherhood. Why do we at times reject help? We have this drooling baby that doesn’t have a turn off switch when they scream cry and poop. I know I  can’t be the only one who wants someone else to take their toddler on a walk, the same toddler who just stuffed a tampon up their nose.

I know you can do motherhood with no help, but who said you had to?

The moment I realized It takes a village was when I was going through my separation with Ava’s Dad,the beginning was rough to the point where one morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I picked up my phone and called my people, including my neighbors In my building. ( I of course made the calls after the removal of all of my wedding Inspo boards on Pinterest. Torture!)

I was frantic and embarrassed to ask them to get her dressed, to feed her and then to come back and feed me as well! I swore I could get through motherhood and life in general by myself, I for sure thought I had all of this covered. I knew this was my breaking point and I needed my mom to parent both of us. I needed my people to surround me and my child with their positive energy and friendly souls.

I felt so relaxed and calm seeing love from my tribe unfold. It truly does takes a village, you don’t have to do this alone, go and invite the ones who are already to help, and not just in your dark moments, but always. Extend and reach out to others when you need it, don’t feel ashamed, there is nothing shameful in wanting and realizing you need a village.

When you think about it, it’s pretty simple we need each other, that’s all.

Peace & Love,






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