Her First Lunchbox: PlanetBox Review Including Discount Code!

Ava will be starting preschool next year, and I’ll have to send her off with some yummy foods.

PlanetBox has tons of options and various sizes. Ava has the shuttle box, I figured this would be a great stater lunchbox for  a tiny tot who gets full quickly.

I’m so in love with the thought of not having to wash any plastic containers, and it’s dishwasher safe. PlanetBox is a Eco- Friendly and stainless steel, this is for sure a lunchbox that will last for quite awhile.

There are different kinds of lunch boxes and this one suits Ava perfectly, it has velcro instead of zippers, which is so easy for toddlers to close and open on their own, and a small but firm handle to carry around, her lunchbox slides in with no fuss.

PlanetBox saves so much time, instead of looking for the right size containers. The PlanetBox is already organized for you! Packing lunch has never been so fun, even Ava enjoys packing it herself and deciding which foods can fit in the different compartments.

Since we’ve enjoyed this lunchbox so much I want you to experience the same! Below is a discount code

BONJOURAVA16 which is good at checkout for  10% off their stainless steel lunch boxes

( excluding accessories) this code expires December 14, 2016 so hurry!

Thank You PlanetBox !

Thank you all for reading!

Peace & Love,



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